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2006 Caesars Palace

Carico has been traveling the world together, for almost 40 years.
Together, we’ve logged enough miles to stretch around the world more than eight times.
What makes our trips so special are the many key ingredients, that go into creating such fantastic trips.
We start out with a lot of fun . . .
The more people that qualify, the more fun we always have.
The fun never stops when you travel with the Carico group. As the fun starts to simmer, we add in some Association.
Yes, the 5 star locations and positive attitudes set the stage for an atmosphere of positive association as everyone feels the excitement.
From winning big in Monte Carlo, to visiting the famous coliseum in Rome, to enjoying our own private beach in Mexico.
Traveling with Carico will enhance your life and leave you with motivating memories that will last a lifetime.
As the fun and positive association create powerful lasting memories, the one thing you will always remember about traveling 1st class with Carico is that, our trips happen in some of the most impressive resorts and locations around the world.
5 star hotels, private shows and exotic theme parties. Only the best for our trips. All of these ingredients mix together to create something truly magical, an incredible Lifestyle.
Get ready to experience one of the most well-known resorts anywhere in the world.
It’s much bigger and better than your average resort, in fact it’s not just a resort, it’s a palace, Caesars Palace that is located in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas, Nevada.
With so many fun things to see and do, Caesars Palace is the perfect place for the entire Carico. Family to come together and share more good times.
From the moment you walk through the doors of Caesars Palace, you know you’ve arrived at the most prestigious resort in the world, known for impeccable service, first class Luxury and Superstar entertainment.
This fabulous resort is the difference between just an ordinary trip or a spectacular trip, to the Las Vegas strip.
A Caesars Palace original, the deluxe guest rooms are tastefully appointed, Featuring a wealth of standard amenities, special bedchambers exude a cool, Vegas vibe, with your choice of king or two double beds and their signature Caesars-style marble bathroom.
Yes, the accommodations will amaze you but that’s only the beginning.
This 5 star resort is fit for kings and offers an array of entertainment possibilities. They offer over 130,000 square feet of gaming in their state of the art casino. With everything from high limit slot machines, to your favorite table games.
Caesars Palace has been the site of more million dollar slot machine jackpots than any casino in the world, Caesars elegant gaming can offer, hours of non stop fun.
And after you’ve enjoyed sweet success while gaming, Toast the moment in any number of memorable gourmet restaurants.
From the finest cuisine served in the most opulent settings to casual pool side dining, Caesars.
Palace boasts an international array of cuisine to tantalize, tempt and satisfy every taste.
And after dinner Caesars comes alive with some of the most technologically advanced clubs and theme lounges ever created a must to be seen and experienced.
If you like world class entertainment, then you’re in the right place as Caesars Palace sets thestandard for entertainment in this resort city with superstars such as Celine Dion, Elton John, and much more, this is certainly a star studded entertainment resort!
And if you like to shop, there is no better place than The Forum Shops at Caesars, acclaimed as “The Shopping Wonder of the World.”
The names on the storefronts are legendary, the merchandise inside is the best the world has to offer with more than 120 shops in two elegant settings.
And for those of you that want to be pampered, their luxurious spa and fitness center offers treatments that will make everyone feel like royalty.
And then the gods shine down upon us, roman style, because Caesars Palace has recreated the pools of ancient Rome, with glorious water havens on 42 acres in their Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis.
Imagine four sapphire pools & two whirlpool spas all surrounded by lush green lawns, graceful fountains, and classic marble statues.
It’s truly a place fit for the gods, and an even better place for Carico to relax and socialize.
Caesars Palace is an exquisite oasis in the heart of the greatest entertainment city on earth. And now getting around this fantastic city is easier and more hi-tech than ever, because Caesars now has a direct connection to The Las Vegas Monorail, the newest attraction on the famous LasVegas skyline.
It’s fast, fun and convenient, getting around Vegas has never been this easy and Las Vegas is the most exciting city on earth . With sizzling entertainment and shows. Incredible restaurants, Theme parks and the greatest shopping opportunities anywhere!
Plus, you’ll get to experience this entertainment Mecca with all of your friends in the Carico family.
Trips are always better when you share the good times while associating with like-minded people that are on their way to the top.
Start making your plans to experience the greatest city on earth, at the most prestigious resort in the united states.
Caesars Palace, May 29 – June 2, 2006. In spectacular Las Vegas, Nevada.
Don’t miss this incredible opportunity. We’ll see you there

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