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2006 Royal Caribbean’s luxury Cruise

Yes, at Carico, we’re ‘on our way’. To enjoy new friends and new places as we get ready for another, Carico ‘Family Time’ vacation.
One of the greatest things about Carico’s ‘Family time’ is that it really doesn’t matter where we go, as long as we’re traveling with 180 of our best friends, like last year’s annual trip.
The fact that we do go to incredible locations and five star resorts is just a bonus for our 2nd trip.
We invite you to join the Carico family for the adventure of a lifetime, as we say ‘Welcome Aboard’ Royal Caribbean’s luxury Cruise ship, the Adventure of the Seas.
As we head for not 1, not 2, not even 3, but 6 exotic Caribbean islands! From exquisite, white-sand beaches to panoramic mountain vistas and everything in between, a Southern Caribbean cruise vacation is filled with excitement and adventure.
Yes you will enjoy 7 fun filled nights aboard one of the most exciting cruise ships ever built.
This ship is phenomenal and takes cruising to a whole new level. You’ll enjoy many special amenities such as an ice-skating rink, a rock climbing wall, and the 24-hour Royal Promenade that’s full of fun things to see and do.
Plus, this floating city of luxury has a wide variety of themed bars and restaurants that enable you to enjoy a different atmosphere every night.
From casual dining to the formal affair, you’ll savor every minute while dining and dancing with the Carico family.
For the fitness minded this ship is built for adventure offering a roller-blading trail, basketball and volleyball courts plus an excellent spa and fitness center, this trip is sure to keep you in ‘ship shape’.
After enjoying a spectacular Caribbean sunset, its time to put on your dancing shoes and get ready for an evening of nonstop entertainment, Carico Style as this ship offers many lounges and clubs for everyone’s enjoyment, including an innovative dance club just for teens.
If you’re in the mood for some gaming then the casino royal is the place you’ll want to be.
This glittering casino is state of the art and features many favorites such as blackjack, poker, roulette and much, much more.
This ship is like a floating theme park and offers fun around every corner. For the kids of our group, Adventure ocean is a play area with specially designed activities just for them. Yes this ship is truly unique and offers something for everyone, but that’s only half of this amazing adventure because in addition to this one of a kind, floating playground, you’ll get to experience 6 truly unique islands in the beautiful Caribbean.
You’ll depart from the largest, most exciting Metro area in the Caribbean, San Juan Puerto Rico.
San Juan is rich in cultural history and offers places like the quaint shops and restaurant of historic Old San Juan.
Then it’s time to say ‘Bon Voyage’, as we set sail for the exotic islands of the South Caribbean.
First stop, the duty free shopping capital of the Caribbean, ST. Thomas, in the US virgin islands. While the beaches and ocean are beautiful, there is one thing that really sets St. Thomas apart, the shopping. Spending time on St. Thomas is sure to get this trip started in grand style.
Our second stop is Saint Maarteen. This pristine island is shared by the French and the Dutch and is well known for its playful atmosphere and exotic beaches.
You can rent scooters and explore Orient Beach, the French Riviera of the Caribbean, or try some local guava berry wine with natives at any of the numerous restaurants and resorts along the strip.
Next we’re off to the breathtakingly beautiful island of Antigua. This Picturesque, tropical island has over 300 beaches for snorkeling or just enjoying a cool beverage while the refreshing trade winds blow through your hair.
Antigua is truly a breath of fresh air. Our adventure continues as we head for St. Lucia, home of the Caribbean’s most famous landmark, the towering Pitons, a set of primeval twin peaks topping 2,000 feet.
The town of Castries offers a colorful local market and great shopping. And the surrounding areas offer lush rain forests, striking waterfalls and beautiful private beaches.
Our final stop is Fabulous Barbados. For the ultimate day of fun-in-the-sun Barbados-style, cruise on a fun party ship to
a spectacular sandy beach. Snorkel on reefs teeming with tropical fish. Cruise back along the scenic coast while dancing the calypso or limbo, or just relax on deck with your Carico friends.
While touring these exotic islands you’ll have the opportunity to sign-up for many different onshore excursions, From Hiking and fishing to historic tours. It’s all available for your entertainment. The following day will be spent entirely at sea, enjoying this spectacular ship with all your friends in the Carico world.
There is so much to see and do that you couldn’t possibly do everything in one cruise and with your Carico family you’re sure to have a great time full of lasting memories that you’ll cherish forever.
In fact this cruise is the perfect place for the Carico family to come together and share positive association in one of the most beautiful places in the world.
Now, we’re ‘On our way,’ To this year’s fabulous Carico ‘Family Time’ vacation.
Start making your plans today… To enjoy a luxurious 7 night cruise through the exotic islands of the southern Caribbean.
October 1-8, 2006
It’s the adventure of a lifetime aboard the adventure of the seas. With all your friends and family in the Carico World.
Don’t miss the boat!

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