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2008 Gaylord Palms Resort

Right now people are finalizing their plans to attend the most inspiring event of the year.
The 2008 Carico World Convention is where you want to be.
Yes, the fabulous Gaylord Palms Resort is hosting the excitement as Carico once again enjoys all that Orlando has to offer.
The Carico World Convention is where your success begins as you hear powerful messages that will both enlighten and motivate.
Youʼll take advantage of our many hands on learning opportunities that can open your mind and harness the power of this incredible opportunity.
“If you truly care, then you share and you help other people to accomplish their goals. Thatʼs what great leaders do.”
Itʼs a special event that both celebrates our success and rejuvenates our attitude for the year ahead.
After a Carico World Convention you will be loaded with new ideas backed by the motivation and desire to make an impact in the upcoming year.
Plus youʼll share in the positive association that comes from so many ambitious people focusing together on how to create more business in the year ahead.
The Carico World Convention is a showcase of this powerful opportunity and is the ideal combination of education, motivation and fun.
Plus this year itʼs being held in one of the top meeting facilities in the United States.
The Gaylord Palms spoils itʼs guests with the largest indoor atrium of its kind.
It exemplifies all that Florida has to offer.
And if youʼre committed enough to become a VIP qualifier your convention experience will include the unsurpassed luxury and prestige of their incredible suites.
Spacious Living Rooms, luxurious bathrooms, balconies with spectacular atrium views, and the most comfortable plush beds in all of Orlando.
Plus, the Gaylord Palms is the resort where kids rule! Go for the high score at their state of the art video arcade.
See turtles, snakes & even alligators at their special wildlife exhibits.
The La Petite Academy Kid’s Station is a special resort within a resort, that caters specifically to kids with an array of games and creative activities.
Finally, thereʼs Clearwater Cove, a spectacular water playground featuring a huge zero-entry family pool, octopus water-slide, waterfalls and tons of fun for kids.
This fabulous resort caters to your every need.
24-hour room service, Unique shopping opportunities, one of a kind restaurants, Upscale lounges, and a spa that will melt away your stress and leave you rejuvenated and ready to learn.
This yearʼs Convention starts off with our incredible opening night ICE party!
Exploring this winter wonderland with all your Carico friends & family is sure to be an amazing experience that you wonʼt soon forget.
Then things really get going with our opening morning meeting… where Mr. Cappadona always has a few surprises in store!
New products, exciting promotions, and maybe even the location of our next incredible trip, but youʼll need to be there to find out!
Then, come share in our success as we honor our champions at Caricoʼs annual black-tie Awards Presentation.
Itʼs an unforgettable evening that people remember forever as we recognize and reward our champions in many different arenas, on stage in front of their friends and families.
And this year weʼve made it even easier for you to earn that beautiful Carico Watch.
Thatʼs right. Everyone that sponsors two district managers, who are in attendance at
Convention, will be recognized and awarded a prestigious Carico watch.
This stylish timepiece not only looks like a million bucks, but can actually help you earn a million bucks!
The Growth Award is one of the highlights of our Awards presentation and a favorite of our company president.
“So the question is, How many people are gonna get a Carico watch next year? This is a very special award. I want to congratulate all of you people for sharing the opportunity and teaching these people and developing them, because in my opinion that is the
key to our business.”
Yes, the clock is ticking and thereʼs never been a better time than now to sponsor new people and introduce them to this life changing opportunity.
The Carico world convention is a powerful tool that fosters goal setting and teaches people step by step how to become successful.
Itʼs not your typical convention, Itʼs an exceptionally positive environment that mixes a variety of educational opportunities with positive association and massive amounts of fun.
And this incredible resort is the perfect host for such an important event.
Extravagant parties, gourmet meals, and exciting excursions designed exclusively for you.
The Carico World Convention is the best opportunity for people to better themselves and create momentum for the upcoming year.
Youʼll hear from many Carico Leaders and special guests that share their valuable knowledge that comes from years of hands on experience.
Then our company president takes the stage with an inspiring message that is sure to enlighten.
This year we have pulled out all the stops and arranged an incredible farewell event that the entire Carico family is sure to enjoy.
Yes back by popular demand Mr. Cappadona has arranged a special show with some very large personalities and promises a whale of a great time as the entire Carico family is treated to a private performance at Orlandoʼs world famous Sea World Adventure Park.
Thatʼs right, in addition to enjoying this fabulous park, we have arranged an exclusive performance of Sea Worldʼs high-energy, night-time spectacular, Shamu Rocks. And thatʼs not all, after the show we will enjoy dinner, dancing and loads of fun at a special
party thrown just for Carico
Itʼs a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy this incredible animal park with all of the fun and positive association that comes from traveling with hundreds of your closest friends.
Thatʼs right, The Carico World Convention has it all, Education, Inspiration, Motivation, Recognition, and loads of fun!
Make sure youʼre on target to qualify for this life changing opportunity.
Itʼs simply an event you canʼt afford to miss.
January second through the sixth, 2008
At the one of a kind Gaylord Palms Resort in the heart of Orlando, Florida.
Donʼt miss it!
Now you could change your life, by attending the 2008 Carico World Convention. Right now Lisa Rabanes is working towards becoming Caricoʼs #1 consultant…
For the 10th. time
Right now our customers are eating healthy food
Right our customers are breathing pure air
Right our customers are drinking clean, clear water
Right now Mr. Cappadona is planning on how to make 2009 Caricoʼs best year ever!
Education, motivation, & fun!
January 2-6, 2009
Donʼt miss it!

Held at the incredible Gaylord Palms Resort.
The Carico Family arrived at this colorful resort ready to learn and get motivated. Our opening cocktail reception was a truly chilled out event as we enjoyed one of Orlandoʼs most popular themed event, ICE. A cool time was had by all as everyone,
including our Company President, Mr. Richard R. Cappadona.
After enjoying this one of a kind attraction, people welcomed one another with enthusiasm, delicious food and hours of fun on the dance floor.
The next morning people gathered with great anticipation for our opening meeting. Our meeting opened with some hot entertainment and then MR. Cappadona entered the room exploding with excitement for the upcoming new year.
As Mr. Cappadona reminded us, there has never been a better time when so many people are in need of this fabulous opportunity.
Mr. Cappadona spoke with many of his top people and then introduced a very special guest, Mr. Omar Periu, who had an important message to share.
After an uplifting message, Mr. Cappadona went on to introduce some powerful new products and programs.
After an unbelievable meeting you could feel the excitement growing.
Our awards night was a spectacular gathering of champions as we gave out over 6000 awards.
The night came to a climax with the announcement of our #1 office.
After such a prestigious night many were pumped up for another day of fun and learning.
The second meeting day people were fired up and anxious to learn as we had a special day of breakout meetings for everyone to get some powerful knowledge from industry experts.
After a great day of learning it was time to relax and share some positive association with the carico family at our Great Gatsby theme party.
A night of fun, dancing and gaming was the perfect end to an unforgettable day.
The final morning the crowd was ready to motivated after a powerful line up of speakers took the stage and shared a positive message for the upcoming year.
Then Mr. Richard R. Cappadona took the stage and went over a plan for success in the next 100 days.
It was an inspirational plan for our future that left every pumped up and ready to get to work.
But first they had to enjoy a special afternoon at Sea World and then our private farewell party.
A memorable time was had by all.
Yes, it was another successful convention that left the entire group fired up and ready to excel in the year ahead.
Weʼll see you in the mexican riviera, where we announce our next great adventure with the Carico family.

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