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2004 Registry Resort

The 2004 carico world convention was held at the beautiful, registry resort, in upscale naples florida.
Enthusiasm and happiness filled the air as carico people from all over the world got acquainted with this world class resort.
After a few brief helloʼs and finding their beautifully appointed rooms is was time to get this special event rolling and start having some fun at the Black and white, opening cocktail reception.
Yes, the attire was black and white but this fun event featured many colorful people sharing stories while enjoying some delicious food.
Then DJ Rob got the party pumping as people danced the night away in grand carico style.
The black and white party was a shinning success and everyone ended this evening with great anticipation for the day to come.
On opening morning the carico family was treated to a delicious breakfast as they waited patiently for the doors to open the Much anticipated opening meeting to begin.
The morning began in impressive style as the carico world was treated to an outstanding vocal and dance performance that led to an emotional video introduction of our Founder and President Mr. Richard R Cappadona.
Mr. Cappadona gave an inspiring talk in which he showcased several new additions to the Carico product line that are sure to increase our business.
Mr. Cappadona once again renewed his commitment to always keep improving and finding ways for everyone to better themselves.
He also made the point that , Although our products are the best in the industry that really its our people that make the difference in the success of our growing company.
He then went on to show how the Carico opportunity has changed many peoples lives by sharing a few of the many success stories from some of the new champions in the Carico world.
It was time to reward all of the champions of the Carico world at the 2004 Awards night.
Yes people from all over the Carico world, dressed in their best attire, came together to share an evening of success and terrific entertainment as Carico recognized their champions in grand style.
At the end of the evening smiles filled the room as our champions looked forward to another exciting day of learning and sharing.
Day 2 opened with the same powerful momentum from the day before.
The meeting began by rewarding our 90 Day Best of the Best for their outstanding efforts in the last 90 days of 2004.
People were motivated and ready to learn as their spirits were lifted even higher with some powerful messages from some extraordinary leaders in the Carico world.
After this eye opening meeting everyone was treated to a very special, hands on learning tour, where they got some hand to hand knowledge on all of Caricoʼs terrific products and programs.
After a delicious lunch people had a few hours of free time in which they enjoyed every inch of this outstanding resort.
As the sun set on another beautiful day the Carico family was just getting started as they enjoyed Family Night at club luna.
This hi tech, state of the art club was open exclusively to the Carico family and became the home of the inaugural Carico Dance Contest.
The dance contest was tight and a lot fun as prizes were awarded to our top 3 couples.
Club luna was the perfect place to unwind and dance the night away.
As our spectacular night came to a close, people were once again, in great anticipation of the next morningʼs meeting.
As day 3 opened, you could feel the enthusiasm in the air as people enjoyed breakfast before the meeting.
As the meeting got revved up more Carico champions took the stage for their efforts in the Star Celebration.
Then Mr. Cappadona gave a sincere and special thank you to all of the members of the Carico staff that made this outstanding convention, one of the best ever.
The crowd then got fired up and ready to learn as they prepared for some great speakers.
After some educational and inspirational messages Mr. Cappadona opened our minds with his Closing talk.
Mr. Cappadona Outlined our 2005 Success Plan for helping all of us to build our dreams.
Throughout this entire convention the Carico family had many other opportunities to get inspired and educated.
As the 2004 Carico World Convention Came to a close everyone got excited for Our New years eve Farewell Party, the party was sensational, especially the entertainment, the sensations an incredible time was had by all with dancing, singing and a lot of fun
As Midnight approached The carico family counted down the seconds before the celebration ensued.
The party continued deep into the night as we celebrated with trip give-aways and special prizes.
Once again many thanks are extended to our table tops participants. Your help in making our convention wonderful is greatly appreciated.
This years convention was a motivating success. Be sure to take advantage of every minute and order your Speaker series today.

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