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Carico has fulfilled a need

September 21, 2009

Carico Center, Ft Lauderdale, Fl.Carico’s World Headquarter is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. Since 1967, Carico has been recognized as a world leader in the development and marketing of lifestyle, health and wellness products of superior quality. With offices in over 30 countries and with offices throughout the USA, Carico has fulfilled a need.

For over four decades, Carico has helped tens of thousands of people who have invested in the quality Carico products and for those who have pursued a summer or a career position with Carico in marketing and management. Positions with Carico are fun, exciting, challenging and very financially rewarding.

Carico is always looking for people who have a positive attitude, are outgoing, and enjoy helping and working with others.

Carico provides an extensive training program for those who possess the desire to excel and grow with Carico, but have little or no experience in the field of marketing and management.

Carico’s training program utilizes highly effective tools and methods that insure maximum results. To start, applicants are entered into a fun, exciting and beneficial three-day training class. They will also receive valuable on-the-job training by an experienced Carico Manager. Management opportunities are available and, usually within 90 days or less, many will be eligible for Carico’s management training program. Those in management have the opportunity to reach higher levels of income and promotions.

Exceptional Earnings:
By implementing what you learn through your basic training and through your on-the job-training, you start earning immediately. Through your desire, enthusiasm and the amount of time you dedicate to a position with Carico, your income can increase proportionately and exceptional earnings are guaranteed.

Personal Recognition and Awards:
In addition, Carico offers personal recognition and awards through prestigious monthly and annual awards programs and annual awards banquets. Through Carico, you get to experience the satisfaction of achieving your goals and being recognized by your peers globally. Plus, at Carico you are provided the opportunities to participate in 3-4 exciting and fun world travel opportunities annually.

For immediate consideration, apply on line at: for full time career positions for students summer part-time or full-time jobs

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  1. Peter Mattiace permalink
    October 1, 2009 7:52 pm

    Mi nombre es Peter Mattiace y estoy con Carico desde 1968. Yo conocí al Sr. Richard Cappadona, el fundador de Carico, en la universidad en Miami, Florida. En aquel tiempo, Carico era una pequeña compañía con una oficina en una bodega donde se pagaba $65 al mes por ese espacio. La compañía era muy pequeña y no se veía exitosa. Pero estaban el impulso, positivismo y profesionalismo del Sr. Cappadona que me hizo sentir que esta compañía podía ser un gran éxito algún día.

    Así que después de graduarme de la universidad, decidí hacer el compromiso de trabajar con esta compañía bajo el manejo del Sr. Cappadona. Durante los primeros años, noté que todo lo que el había prometido para su compañía se hacía realidad. El siempre “cumplió” con todo lo que prometía. Siempre fue justo, honesto y dedicado a la compañía y a las personas que trabajaban para la misma.

    El Sr. Cappadona tenía excelentes y positivos hábitos de trabajo. Él siempre habló del futuro y donde podríamos estar si nos organizábamos. Al pasar de los años, me di cuenta que en realidad todo lo que él prometió se cumplió. También me di cuenta que tanto mi vida personal y profesional habían mejorado. Empecé a vivir en una casa hermosa cerca de la piscina Venetia en Coral Gables, manejando nuevos carros, dueño de un bote de 30 pies, haciendo inversiones en bienes y raíces y viviendo mi sueño.

    Alrededor mío, existen muchas personas que también mejoraron su estilo de vida trabajando para Carico. El negocio ha sido bueno para mí y para mis tres hijos. He podido viajar a lugares exóticos, a hospedarme en los mejores hoteles y comer en los restaurantes más finos. He podido hacer inversiones de bienes y raíces fuertes y gratificantes, he asegurado económicamente mi vida. Por supuesto esto no paso de la noche al día. Fue a través de los años, arduo trabajo y disciplina que pude ganar esos ingresos y mantener ese estilo de vida.

    Una de las mejores recompensas que Carico me ha dado es la oportunidad de trabajar muy de cerca con otros individuos, igual que el Sr. Cappadona hizo conmigo. Hoy en día cuando veo hacia atrás me siento satisfecho de haber ayudado a muchas personas a lograr el éxito y a vivir mejor. También soy afortunado al decir que los productos que he vendido han beneficiado a muchas personas por muchos años.

    Hoy casi después de cuatro décadas de trabajar con Carico, todavía sigo trabajando fuertemente, experimentando muchos eventos positivos y maravillosos, recibiendo muchas recompensas y todavía ayudando a otras personas de muchas otras maneras.

    Si tuviera que hacer mi vida de nuevo, tomaría el mismo camino, que fue trabajar para Carico. Si usted esta pensando en adquirir los productos Carico o esta pensando en unirse a Carico, mi consejo es que adquiera los productos y se una a Carico. Usted estará satisfecho de tomar esa decisión.

  2. George Torres permalink
    November 17, 2009 8:12 pm

    Carico has been the greatest opprotunity a have encounter. I have the opportunity not only to make a great income, but to enhance my self esteem as a well rounded person.

    Promotion and Marketing was something new to me; and utilizing the technics provided to me I was able to create positive thinking and also gave me the opportunity to help others.

    At the bigining of 2009 I had the opportunity to attend to a Carico convertion and I saw 700 leaders from around the world; such us leaders from offices in Canada, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela and Africa to name a few, doing very well an seing how proud they are because of being part of this corporation.
    What I like the most is that you can have fun while you work. At the age of 54 I regreat not founding this company before.

  3. Aris Vazquez permalink
    December 4, 2009 7:10 pm

    I had the privilege to joing Carico International in 2007. I worked there as a Product Promoter, and then as an Assistant Manager in the Marketing Department.

    As a single mom I had to give attention to different activities and situations, such as kids at school and their asignations, my work and personal life. That is why I love the fact that this company offers to work flexible hours.

    What I liked the most about Carico is the positive environment and the kindness of everyone. Since day one, I received a lot of support from everyone there, I met incredible people, and I learned a lot.

    Regarding the products, they are amazing and very easy to sell.
    I believe that working in Carico is a great experience.

  4. Carla Caldera permalink
    December 8, 2009 12:37 am

    Working with Carico was a very exciting experience because I met a lot of excellent people. I am still in contact with some of them and I keep a very good friendship.

    The work environment is excellent!

  5. Carolina Roa permalink
    December 9, 2009 9:09 pm

    Since day one when I heard about Carico I was amazed about being part of such a great company; I started part-time and when I saw the Income potential I became full-time leaving my job. At that moment I was working for the Ritz Carlton Club.

    I was amazed with the products and visioned myself as a Discrict Manager promoting, selling, and motivating new people to be part of this wonderful journey and sharing the opportunity with others.

    What I loved the most about the company is compensation program, and besides the bonus, I have the opportunity to qualify for paid vacations in different ocasions during the year.
    I’ve been in the Caesar Palace, Las Vegas, in Naples and in the Atlantis Resort, in the Bahamas. In this last one, I had the chance to go with my husband and daughter, and everything was paid by the company.

    My dream to get promoted to District Manager became a reality and I achived a lot of personal goals with Carico.

    I believe that Carico represents Quality, Integrity and people helping people.

  6. John R. Calfa permalink
    December 29, 2009 6:49 pm

    My motto has always been, “Is the price too high to pay to work each and every day?”

    In 1975 I had the wonderful opportunity to talk with Richard Cappadona. We talked on the phone and noted our similarities…we were both Italian, about the same age and both sold Cutco cutlery products. I later went to Florida to visit and met Mr. Cappadona in person. I was immediately impressed with his ideas, talents and achievements and the fact that he was such a dynamic individual. Rick became my mentor and I established the following goals:

    1.To own a Million Dollar Office Building
    2.Build a Million Dollar Retail Sales Company
    3.Become a Millionaire like Rick Cappadona

    With great dedication to work and sound guidance from Rick, I began to build using the philosophy “Is the price too high to pay to work each and every day?” I was able to accomplish and surpass my original goals and dreams. I am a blessed man. I have 6 children, 8 grandchildren and a wife of 45 years who I met in the business by selling her a set of cookware. I have been able to achieve approximately $50 million in real estate which currently provides in excess of $1 million in net income to the Calfa family. That is why I call this the “Million Dollar Story.” I could not have accomplished these achievements without the Carico products, programs and Rick’s continual wisdom and guidance.

    My dreams have come true and my goals have been surpassed through Carico International. In the 32 years that I have known Rick, his advice to me has always been in my best interest and even though I have questions his wisdom at times, his advice, in the end, has proven to be accurate and the best for my family and myself.

    Thank you, Rick, for 32 years of guidance and leadership.

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