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Carico, Making a Difference for 35 Years

September 15, 2009

Carico has made a difference in their life, their family’s, customer’s. What makes us so special is that Carico can make a difference in people’s lives, financially-as a consultant, mgr, distributor-giving others the Carico opportunity by sponsoring health- our products can help you lose weight, reduce effects of asthma or allergies, etc.
We have the ability to share different ideas and techniques for success, and we all believe in promoting happier, healthier lifestyles to people everywhere so they may truly get the most enjoyment out of life.
Carico international is a global leader, promoting health and elegant living for over 35 years.
We continue Making A Difference in the world around us using fresh new ideas, dynamic new technology, and powerful new goals to create revolutionary, new products, unique travel incentives, and innovative marketing tools.
That open up a world of unlimited possibilities for all of us. This company was founded on a dream that has exploded into a wonderful reality.
A reality that enables us to achieve financial success, travel the world.
Live a healthful, energetic life, and… make a difference (not only) in your life and (but also in) the lives of others
Our commitment to quality is evident in our first class products, financial stability, and strong leadership.
Leadership with the vision to build a strong foundation for this great opportunity.
An opportunity that started with the success of Carico’s exclusive collection of fine china.
The Designer collection jumpstarted our explosive growth and set the standard of excellence for Carico’s future products.
It all started with Carico’s Designer Collection. 9 Patterns of fine china, the finest and most complete dinning ensembles in the world. The pure porcelain bodies are made with the finest ingredients and precious metals, and offer customers the largest selection of pieces.
We were the very first in the industry to create a matching Designer Collection of Crystal. Developed to complement each pattern of china, and featuring classic styling and fine craftsmanship, there is no finer crystal program available. Individually styled by a master artist and hand finished, each piece is a separate work of art.
And to complete its Tabletop Collection, Carico developed its own exclusive line of tableware, available with 10 pieces in a single place setting plus an array of service pieces.
Carico was again the very first and the only company to create, the largest and most complete collection of fine hand crafted crystal giftware, Elegante, beautiful gifts for any occasion.
Carico continued to raise the industry’s standards with its introduction of Ultra-Tech, the most state-of-the-art cookware in the world.
The result of more than two years of research & development, this exclusive cookware line features the Patented Ultra-Temp control knob and whistle valve.
The ultimate tool for healthful convenience, “It whistles when it needs you and tells you what to do!”
It’s the first cookware of its kind and offers a large selection of pieces and accessories, for all your customer’s needs.
It’s healthy cooking made easy. Plus, for even faster cooking and more profits. We introduced, Carico’s Rapid Cooker, designed to seal in all the natural flavors while cooking foods in their own delicious juices in just 1/3 the time!
The deliciously simple way to produce fast healthy meals for the entire family, and to help you prepare those healthy meals Carico created, the Professional Collection of Cutlery.
Certainly the finest cutlery. Fully forged from the highest quality steel, exceeding all other cutlery. Customers appreciate the selection of Blades available in the many different sets. Cutlery that will last a lifetime and to keep all your foods and vegetables fresh, nutritious and tasting great there’s Ultra-Vac exclusively from Carico.
It actually keeps foods fresh up to 3 to 5 times longer, saving your customers hundreds of dollars on groceries!!
Its made of a strong, high tech material that is suitable for the microwave, freezer and dishwasher.
One of the most unique parts of Carico’s Ultra-Vac food storage system are the Ultra-Vac lids. Specifically designed to compliment Carico’s Ultra-Tech cookware, you can store leftovers right in the pan!!!
The industry stood in amazement as Carico thrust into the new millennium by developing the first smart water filters that will monitor your water flow and tell you when the cartridge requires changing.
Intelligently desingned for direct sales people to give you and your customers many price and package options.
Your future is secure with Carico as we progressively look to the future and continuously expand our product line.
And to help us achieve a new level of health, Carico introduced the ultimate health machine, The Nutri-Tech Juice Extraction System. The perfect supplement to everyone’s diet, while expanding your “customer base.”
Now featuring a turbo switch and available in your choice of colors.
Carico is known throughout the industry as “A world Leader in Product Development.”
And our air filtration line of products is simply the best there is, because Breathing clean air is the most important thing we do everyday.
And with The Nutri-Tech Air purification system, you will breathe easier knowing that the worlds highest technology is working for you.
And our efforts to make everyone breath fresher air didn’t stop there as we continued to improve our air line with the addition of a deluxe air purifing model, a compact model for the home or office, as well as a small deodorizing unit for those everyday household odors, giving our people everywhere the opportunity to produce more business.
As you can see, Carico is in the right place at the right time with the right products!
And we continue to improve, with the most effective and innovative marketing tools in the direct sales industry.
Tools to help you:
– sponsor and build your sales organization
– offering you the tools necessary to educate and train your people.
– providing you the largest selection, the most complete and professional sales aides to enhance your effectiveness and increase your profits
– as well as providing you the most effective management guides compiled from over 100 years of combined experience.
Carico’s state of the art audio-visual department produces a wide selection of audio and video tapes for personal improvement, as a support to your meetings and training or to enhance customer service.
Yes, Carico has impressively done all this in the past thirty-five years.
But our products and tools are only a part of Carico’s success.
The key to our success has been and will always be you! People helping (others) people, all over the world.
Yes, people from different countries, with different backgrounds, different cultures, and different goals for their future.
But, with one thing in common, we are all a part of this great Carico dream, and what’s even more exciting is, that at Carico, we have only just begun!
As Carico skyrockets into the next millennium, our vision has never been more focused, with more extraordinary products to look forward to, electrifying new travel destinations, unique marketing programs & promotions, innovative technologies, linking our website to offices around the world and an even greater opportunity for each and every one of us to imagine the possiblites and achieve new levels of success.
Success that is rooted in the hard work, dedication and commitment of one man, a man that has dedicated his life to helping thousands of individuals succeed and achieve their goals and dreams.

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  1. Astrid Walker permalink
    September 15, 2009 11:20 pm

    I started working for Carico 26 years ago It is like my second family. I feel a special priviledge to be part of the history of the company and I credit the success to our President Richard Cappadona for having such a vision charisma & dreams to make it such a great company. I wish him continue success I also enjoy working with wonderful people and the products are simple great.

  2. Ithamar Martinez permalink
    September 15, 2009 11:21 pm

    I have been with Carico for almost 4 years. I currently work in the Accounting department.
    It has been great working for Carico. Everyone at Carico is very caring. I look forward to being part of Carico’s family for many years to come.

  3. Lourdes Agosto permalink
    September 15, 2009 11:23 pm

    I’ve been working in the P.R. Customer service department for 3 years but I started in the sales department almost 4 years ago. I love my job at Carico, and the many duties as the only Customer Service rep here in Puerto Rico. There is something different every day. Met a lot of co workers from here, Puerto Rico and the Florida office which I consider my friends.I’m very happy with my job at Carico.

  4. Annie Davidsson permalink
    September 15, 2009 11:24 pm

    I am a Team Leader for the Collection Dept. I started out working the USA Retail and now I am in charge of the Food and appliance portfolio. I find my job challenging, since there never is a boring moment. Each individual has different issues and circumstances and my job is to try and work with that person and create a payment plan that will help that individual. It’s a great satisfaction to me when you get a Thank you from someone that has fallen into hard times and we can find the way to assist them in getting back on track to be able to fulfill their obligation with us and to keep their tradeline in good standings.

    In addition, I consider the Collection Dept. to be my second family, since we have a great group of people, which are dedicated to their jobs and work as a Team.

  5. Lourdes Nieves permalink
    September 15, 2009 11:25 pm

    My name is Lourdes Nieves I’ve been in the company for almost 2 years.
    Carico has been a learning experience. I started working in the finance dept. and now I am recently working in the customer service dept. What I like about the company is how they treat their employees with respect and accommodate their professional needs. I like my job because it is a nice feeling when I end a call with a customer who thanks you and blesses you for their satisfaction.

  6. Pamela Y. Gamble permalink
    September 15, 2009 11:28 pm

    I have been employed with Carico since 2/1/09
    I am a Collection Specialist in the Finance dept.
    I enjoy solving problems and helping the customer with the various issues that they have.

  7. Alfonso Becerra permalink
    September 15, 2009 11:30 pm

    I believe in Carico because it’s a trustworthy and respectable company where I can grow and achieve every goal that I have. I know that Carico is the right choice and I will be on the top.
    Thank you Carico

  8. Jhessicka Gomes permalink
    September 15, 2009 11:37 pm

    As an assistant manager, I share and believe in the opportunity every day. I cannot sell something, if indeed I don’t believe in it, because in order to believe one must see. I’ve seen it happen in Carico, not just in my life, but also in the life of those around me. I follow a leader that I believe in, who leads by example not by force. My leader has a great attitude, sets excellent examples, and has faith and courage, an outstanding example. My leader/manager continues to shine as a strong leader.

  9. Peter Mattiace permalink
    September 18, 2009 6:02 pm

    My name is Peter Mattiace. I’ve been with Carico since 1968. I met, Mr. Richard Cappadona, Founder of Carico, at a college campus in Miami, Florida. At that time, Carico was a small company with an office that was inside a warehouse area and it cost the company only $65.00 a month for this warehouse space. Back then, the company was very small and there was not much success to see. But there was a positive, professional drive that you could see from Mr. Cappadona that made me feel that this company could be a big successful company one day.

    So upon graduating from college, I decided to make a commitment and work with this company under the direct management of Mr. Cappadona. During the early years, I noticed that everything he promised to have for this company became true. He always “lived up” to what he committed to. He was always fair, truthful and committed to the company and to the people who worked with the company.

    Mr. Cappadona had good, positive work habits. He spoke always of the future and where we all could be if we applied ourselves. As years passed, I noticed that all of what he promised did come true. I also noticed that my personal life and success had changed for the better. I soon was living in a beautiful home, near Venetia Pool in Coral Gables, driving new cars, owning a 30 foot Scarab boat, investing in real estate and living a dream.

    Around me, there are many others who also have improved their lifestyles from working with Carico. This business has been great to me and for my three children. I have been able to travel to far away, exotic destinations, stayed at the finest hotels and ate at the finest restaurants. I have been able to make strong, financially rewarding real estate investments and have secured my life financially. Of course this did not happen overnight. It was through years of hard work and discipline that I was able to earn the income to afford this lifestyle.

    But one of the great rewards that Carico has given me has been the opportunity to be able to work closely with others, just like Mr. Cappadona did with me. Today when I look back I feel good about helping so many people also achieve success and live a better life. I am also fortunate to be able to say that the healthy products I have sold over the years have benefited so many people in so many ways.

    Today, after more than four decades of working with Carico, I am still hard at work with Carico, experiencing a lot of wonderful and positive events, receiving many rewards and still helping so many people in so many ways

    If I had to do my whole life over again, I would take the same road I did, which was to work with Carico. If you are thinking about owning Carico products, or you are thinking about working with Carico, then my advice to you would be to own the Carico products and work with this great company. You will also be happy with the decision.

  10. Veronica permalink
    February 19, 2010 4:47 pm

    Hola, tuve la oprtunidad de conocer los productos de Carico aqui en mi pais Honduras, decidi comprar algunos de ellos, y dejenme decirles que quede convencida de la calidad, decidi entrar como vendedora, me fue muy bien, actualmente estoy retirada pero veo la posibilidad de volver a la Cia. pues es una gran oportunidad para mejorar los ingresos. Me podrian decir donde quedan las oficinas en Virginia ? Se los agradecere.

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